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"Who is tired of London is tired of life." Samuel Johnson
"It is so old that its history is a history of time itself... London goes beyond any boundary or convention. It is illimitable. It is infinite London." Peter Ackroyd

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Sunday, March 19

Photography Exhibition

Not to be missed, beautiful images from an extremely talented photographer!

Two Rivers by Ilene Sterns
Photographs of the Thames and cherwell
26 February - 26 March 2006

Image Hosted by

The Rose
51 High Street
Oxford OX1 4AS
Tel: 01865 244429

See more of Ilene Sterns photography at

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Wednesday, January 19

Mind Hacks

bloggzen - total immersion blogging technology innovation

Image Hosted by 
<br />

"Mind Hacks" Tips & Tools for Using your Brain in the World By Tom Stafford, Matt Webb - Reviewed for Bookzen by KJR

"Mind Hacks" is an excellent starting place for the exploration of the human mind, apparently a very popular interest right now. Curiosity regarding how we think seems in vogue, since so many are reading one of a group of recently published books on the subject. Including "Mind Hacks" there is "The Mind Map" by Tony Buzan and Barry Buzan, "Blink : The Power of Thinking Without Thinking" by Malcolm Gladwell" The Undiscovered Mind" by John Horgan, "On Intelligence" by Jeff Hawkins (PalmPilot creator) and Sandra Blakeslee, and from Steven Johnson, who wrote the Foreword to "Mind Hacks, " there is "Mind Wide Open. "

All of these delve into that uncharted land called how our grey matter works and how we can live better lives by knowing more about it. Each of these books has a delightfully different take on the subject, and "Mind Hacks" itself is full of references for further reading. Is it more than just a co-incidence that these books are all out right now, being talked about, blogged about, and voraciously read? Why this insatiable synchronicity of people wanting to know more about how we are made and how we think?

In more classical studies, "Mind Hacks" would be filed under physical and cultural anthropology. And though you will be introduced to words like limbic, cortex and cerebellum, keeping track of technical medical terms is not essential for understanding and learning much from this book. While it seems written for popular audiences, and uses everyday examples to illustrate how we as human beings tend to think, and why, "Mind Hacks" is helpfully structured to take you just as deep as you want to go.

As to whether the mind can be hacked, just ask a songwriter, movie producer or ad exec; though by "hacks," the authors really mean examples, and there are hundreds. For instance, why do we tend to see faces when we look at clouds? Why do we scrutinize other peoples' faces so intently? Why, if we see six of the same thing, do we tend to see the seventh object as the same, too, even if it isn't? Why do we smell chalk when we think of Dick, Jane, and that "silly, silly Spot?" What do we really find irresistibly interesting and what bores us to death? Did left-handed people evolve differently and why do they have more traffic accidents? Why are some people better at math? Why do sunglasses make the world more interesting visually? (It's all in the mind.) Why do people respond differently to the same instructions? And by implication, what is the best way to design a web page? All of this is covered in "Mind Hacks" including which sectors of the brain are responsible, and how the research was done.

is a good starting place for exploring your mind, partly because it would fit nicely with some of the other books mentioned here and in the book itself, but also because Mind Hacks is at the center of an expanding culture of exploration and investigation of mental phenomena,including blogs about "Mind Hacks" and related phenomena (just technorati "Mind Hacks" for instance.) There are the sites of the book's publisher O'Reilly for starters and a page relating to topics covered in "Mind Hacks" about why posting flickr zeitgeist might be a distraction for people who actually want to read your blog, and there is the excellent "Mind Hacks" blog itself, which does not seem to be accessible from the O'Reilly site. Both authors have their own blogs - Idiolect by Tom Stafford and Interconnected by Matt Webb.

"Mind Hacks" suggests that you can read it sequentially or dive in randomly.
Either way it is an accessible book about some of the curiously strange ways in which we think, remember, and respond, based on how we evolved and what was then and is now most important to us as biological organisms. Even better, it is totally overflowing with examples and simple exercises -- the "hacks" -- that you can do by yourself or with friends. Better yet, buy the book and give a "Mind Hacks" party! Ask your guests to open the book randomly, exclaim on the particular mental characteristic explained on that page, and then put everyone through the exercise or group discussion implied. Like, "How do you prefer your first cup of morning coffee, and how do you feel if you don't get it that way?" Pavlov got it right more than a hundred years ago.

And speaking of Pavlov's dogs, there is much in "Mind Hacks" to suggest that we humans share many of our emotions, thoughts and feelings with other animals, whose brain structures evolved similarly and whose reactions in research are so similar.

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Monday, December 20

Wizzo! (iii)

Wizzo! (iii)
Originally uploaded by rich_w.
New Year's Eve at Somerset House

For the first time ever, Somerset House will open on New Year's Eve. Skate into the new year in the perfect setting for a glamorous, romantic and fun celebration. Tickets are £20 and entitle one skater to bring a non-skating friend, and also include a complimentary mulled wine/hot chocolate and a glass of champagne at midnight. Snacks and a licensed bar will also be available.

Skate sessions are at 10 - 11pm and 11.15 - 12.45pm. There will be live performers and a display of the very best ice dancing from current British Ice Dance champions at 12.05. The event finishes at 1am.

Suitable for all ages. Somerset House will be open to ticket-holders only.
Tickets for New Year's Eve are available exclusively by phone. Call 0870 060 1753 to book.

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bloggzen - total immersion blogging technology innovation

Image Hosted by

London has a new Blog - News site called The Londonist. It is interesting and amusing, more so if you are a Londoner, "Ken" of course is a favorite topic. They have very kindly linked to londonzen.

Image Hosted by
It also features The London Tomes, a new London-based, animated series.
"We're not going to say too much about it, we'll let you make your own minds up. Suffice to say that there are talking animals, the District Line and the criminally insane".

- Published by
- The Gothamist "a website about New York City and everything that happens in it". Gothamist was voted Best NY Blog by NY Press readers in 2004. The Londonist is the new addition to the stable, there are already The LAist The Chicagoist The SFist The DCist The Torontoist

- Edited by
- Rob Hinchcliffe - Rob was raised 'up north', in the independent state of South Yorkshire. In the late Nineties he defected and has been living in London ever since.

- Euan Mitchell
- Euan is a New Zealander living in London and has been about 9 months away from moving back home for the last 10 years.

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From Urbino to Rome

artzen - art culture info expo

There is still time to see this wonderful exhibition and the Madonna of the Pinks.

Image Hosted by
Raphael -The Madonna of the Pinks circa. 1506-7

From Urbino to Rome at the National Gallery London
20 October 2004 - 16 Jan 2005 (Closed 24-26 December, 1 January)
This is the first major exhibition of paintings and drawings by the great Renaissance painter, Raphael (1483 - 1520), to be held in Britain.

- The Making of a Master

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Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition

fotozen - private view
ecozen - animals ecology philanthropy

23 October 2004 - 17 April 2005

Come and see the best and most creative images of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition at the Natural History Museum.

Image Hosted by
Bronze whalers charging a baitball
Doug Perrine, (United States of America)

2004 Wildlife Photographer of the Year
2004 Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Undoubtedly the most prestigious of its kind in the world, the competition is organised by BBC Wildlife Magazine and the Natural History Museum.It has attracted over 18,500 images this year.

Image Hosted by
BBC Wildlife has the best and most informative writing of any consumer magazine in its field, all illustrated with world-class wildlife photography.

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Monday, December 13

Christmas Lights @ Harrods 30-11-04

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Wednesday, December 8

Jeremy Deller wins Turner Prize

I am very pleased that Jeremy won!

artzen - art culture info expo

Image Hosted by

Bush video wins Turner Prize via...BBC

Jeremy Deller was born in London in 1966 and studied art history at the Courtauld Institute of Art. Collaboration and participation are central to Deller's work.

Image Hosted by
The Bats Still from Memory Bucket 2003 Courtesy of the artist © the artist

The film ends with millions of bats flying off into the unknown..........

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Friday, December 3

Dame Alicia Markova

She was wonderful, I remember seeing her in london when I was little.

artzen - art culture info expo

Image Hosted by

Dame Alicia Markova, 94, Ballet Star Synonymous With 'Giselle', Dies By Jack Anderson

Dame Alicia Markova, one of the greatest British ballerinas of the 20th century, a founder of the company now known as the English National Ballet and a former director of the Metropolitan Opera Ballet, died today in Bath, the English National Ballet announced. She was 94. via...NYT

Dame Alicia Markova BBC biography on Desert Island Disks

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Thursday, November 25

Battersea Dogs Home Christmas Reception

This is an extremely important event for all the beautiful creatures who are depending upon your help!

ecozen - animals ecology philanthropy

Image Hosted by

14th December 2004 Battersea Dogs Home is delighted to hold our exclusive second Christmas Reception for our supporters, which this year will be held at the Victoria & Albert Museum on Tuesday 14th December.

The evening will be very special with the chance to meet the Homes' Trustees, staff and of course some of our dogs. Wine and canapes will be served in the Dome and guests will be able to view many exhibits in the Medieval Treasury throughout the night.

We shall be drawing the top three prizes from this years' Christmas Raffle and each guest will be entered into a free prize draw for a brand new Samsung Digital Camera.

Tickets cost £35 and all proceeds go towards the care of the dogs and cats at the Home.

If you would like more information about the event or would like to book your tickets, please call 020 7627 7886 or email the Fundraising Team. We look forward to seeing you there.

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Sunday, November 21

London internet woes

Originally uploaded by andyi.
I found this interesting photo on flickr, the story about a trip to London is even more so.

londonzen - park life

From Andy Ihnatko's Blog
The plummeting value of the dollar has been a Waterloo on many fronts. Do I use the hotel's in-room broadband connection? pounds per day? Which works out to about thirty-six bucks? Gosh. Well, how about I just make a dialup connection, just to grab my mail? Let's check the little card tethered to the phone: local calls are billed at holy mother of God 59 pence. Per minute. Or, about a buck twenty more it is very revealing.

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Wednesday, November 17

Late nights in London

artzen - art culture info expo

Funnily enough, when I came accross these super late night events at the Victoria and Albert Museum, it just happened that tonight there is a lecture by my former sister in law Nina Campbell, whose new book Nina Campbell's Decorating Notebook : Insider Secrets and Decorating Ideas for Your Home just came out.

Her daughter Rita Konig, is a columnist for British Vogue, contributor to Food & Wine and author. Her new book is Rita's Culinary Trickery: How to Put Dinner on the Table Even If You Can't Cook.

Image Hosted by


Every Wednesday the Museum is open from 10.00 to 22.00, providing an opportunity to view a gallery or an exhibition, attend a lecture or a gallery talk, listen to live music or just entertain friends in the candlelit café or, in the summer, in the Museum's garden.

Friday Late, Held on the last Friday in every month (except December) the Victoria and Albert Museum is open from 10.00 to 22.00, with Friday Late events starting at 18.30.

These contemporary evenings offer live performances, cutting-edge fashion, music, debates, one-off displays, special guests, bar and food, guest DJs, selected gallery viewing and late-night exhibition opening.

Late View events can be found by visiting What's On.

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Sunday, November 14


This seems to be working, it can be addictive...

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Thursday, November 11

RCA Secret 2004

This is a brilliant idea, it raises money for the RCA.

artzen - art culture info expo

Image Hosted by
RCA Secret 2004

Could you spot a Julian Opie from a Grayson Perry? Take the RCA Secret challenge and you could go home with a mini masterpiece.

Postcards are flooding in for the RCA Secret postcard exhibition and sale. Artworks have been donated by Turner Prize winner Grayson........and many more.

Last year more than 1,000 artists, designers and celebrities donated nearly 2,000 postcards in a variety of mediums, including paint, print, photography, watercolour, 3-d sculptures, collage, pen and pencil drawings.

Once you have bought your cards you can see who they are by and then take them home to enjoy.

Viewing Days: 19-25 November, 10am-6pm daily (23 November: late night opening until 8pm)
Sale Days: 26 November, 8am-8pm 27 November, 10am-6pm
Location: Royal College of Art, Kensington Gore, London SW7 2EU
Tube: South Kensington/High Street Kensington Buses: 9, 10, 52

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Tuesday, November 9


fotozen - private view

artzen - art culture info expo

ecozen - animals ecology philanthropy

bookzen - literary reviews

Sahel:The End of the Road

Salgado - reviewed by KJR for bookzen

Finally after twenty years, Sebastiao Salgado's images are being published, as described in an excellent article in the New York Times. Considering himself a photojournalist of the world's less fortunate, the Brazilian photographer uses the camera to bring information to others. He says of photography,that it is only a language: what is more important, is what is being discussed. Though Salgado, like Atget, Cartier Bresson, Ansel Adams, Lee Miller, Robert Frank, and Stieglitz, can say this since the language his Leica produces in his hands is highly articulate.

Reportedly, this book Sahel:The End of the Road, was not published earlier because agents and publishers who saw the images were reduced to tears, and felt that no one would want to buy such a book. Salgado, who has taken photos in Vietnam, India and Africa, responded that it is our moral obligation to understand the fate of the others! So much for spin, design over content, ignoring what is really going on, and Fox News. Perhaps, quite tellingly, the book is not being published in the heartland, but by that bastion of eccentricity (thank god!), The University of California Press, as a joint project between the departments of photography and journalism at Berkeley. Not surprisingly those bystanders to the War on Terror, France and Spain thought the book important enough to be published way back in the mid-eighties. (Is there a connection between that event and recent international headlines?)

The Instituto Terra, a non-profit organization created by Sebastiao Salgado and Lelia Wanick Salgado, proposes a highly innovative approach to Brazil's deforestation crisis.

How to help

Power: Auction at Bloomberg, Nov 17th 2004 - An auction of
prints by world-class photographers

Mighty names from the world of art and documentary photography have donated 60 power-inspired prints for a charity auction on Wednesday 17 November at the Bloomberg auditorium in the City.

For the second year running, PhotoVoice has invited world-class photographers to contribute to this prestige event whichwill raise money for its projects around the world.

Among the contributors are Sebastiao Salgado, Juergen Teller, Sarah Moon, and Philip Jones Griffiths. Particularly compelling are images of George W. Bush (Larry Downing/ Reuters), Kevin Spacey outside the Old Vic (Nobby Clark) and Yann Arthus Bertrand’s magnificent ariel shot of the Kenyan Savannah. Thomas Hoepker (Magnum Photos) has donated his iconic image of Muhammed Ali from 1966.

Wednesday 17th November 6.30-9pm £10 donation

Bloomberg L.P
39-45 Finsbury Square London EC2A 1PQ

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Wednesday, October 27

Tea Glorious Tea

Tea is good for us, although I really prefer coffee, a friend told me that coffee is worse for one than tea but too much tea is much worse than too much coffee. So tea is a help in combating Alzheimer's disease, super, red wine is another "Good" drink! Early morning tea was a tradition at home. Nan would have hers in the nursery with the radio on, Image Hosted by ImageShack.usTyphoo and a Image Hosted by Players. Then I followed Nan into Dad's bedroom with his early morning tea, later I would dunk the remaining sugar lumps in the dregs of lemony tea. (given the chance I still do this) Mum always had coffee much later. Then there was tea time. Usually in the nursery with Nan, crumpets dripping with Sark butter, doughnuts, toast and Marmite
Image Hosted by Sometimes Tea would be in the drawing room, Lapsang Souchong or Earl Grey, it was fun, special. My favorite is Tarry Lapsang.

Researching for this post I came across this super page, The Tea Page put together by Kai Birger Nielsen there is a very comprehensive page about Tea in London

Of course Russian President Vladimir Putin drinks tea. I have always wanted a Samovar
Image Hosted by
The benefits of Green Tea

Don't miss

There must be a site called very useful, you can have a tealeaf reading - astro tea

This what we need a

It must be

Tea Quotes

Tea trail: Mad hatters tea party quiz

Boston Tea Party - Eyewitness Account

East India Company

Books about tea

The Tea Act and The Sugar Act

Stash Tea: The History of Tea

Tea Time Places

The Ritz The
funny thing is that the Ritz is owned by the Barclay brothers who live on the island of Brechou
Image Hosted by, which is just a few yards from Sark. Dad used to live at the Ritz whilst in London. I had my sixth birthday (tea) party there, it was super fun we all tore around screaming, I wore a red velvet cape with a hood and a white satin lining. I was given a box of jokes and tricks, one of which I played on Dad who wasn't amused! I also remember having tea in the Palm Court, even now the sound of tinkling water from the fountain makes me want to go to the loo. It may be interesting to do a study and compare it to a tea place without the water sounds.
Image Hosted by Their website has a Tea page... You can buy a Tea for Two gift voucher, what ever next! ( today it is £68 so hurry ): Booking at least six weeks in advance is absolutely essential. There is a dress code but this should be no problem as you will have six weeks to get ready! Have your hair done, go to fittings, wear in your new shoes and come back from the ends of the earth. The Ritz, London won the 2004 Top London Afternoon Tea Award


Image Hosted by ImageShack.usThe ideal place for tea their cake is very good. Read Hudson's Image Hosted by review.


Image Hosted by At the back of the shop there is a small museum, this charts the history of the family, along with some fabulous examples of tea caddies and more unusual items from the world of tea. - How to make a perfect cup of tea

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Monday, October 18

Chisties living with art London

I love this photograph, it reminds me of summers spent on Mykonos, the heat, the sea breeze, I used to call it hair dryer weather.

fotozen - private view

Image Hosted by

Nude on Balcony, Helmut Newton
Lot 243, Estimate: £3,000-4,000

Living with Art London - The growing trend with collectors, first-time buyers, and the contemporary connoisseur is photographs.

Photographs Sale 9964
16 November 2004, 10:30 am
85 Old Brompton Road, London

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Friday, October 15

Royal European Charity Premiere

ecozen - animals ecology philanthropy

Image Hosted by

Monday 29th November 2004
Odeon, Leicester Square, WC2
7.15pm approx.
Black Tie

Image Hosted by

The Prince's Trust will be benefiting from the Royal European Charity Premiere of The Merchant of Venice in the presence of HRH The Prince of Wales, and you could be there.

Directed and adapted for screen by Academy Award Nominee Michael Radford, this modern translation of Shakespeare's timeless comedy drama boasts a hugely impressive cast including Al Pacino, Joseph Fiennes, Jeremy Irons, John Sessions and Mackenzie Crook (alias Gareth from "The Office").

The Merchant of Venice follows the fates and fortunes of a group of noblemen (led by Jeremy Irons and Joseph Fiennes) and their interactions with moneylender Shylock (played by Al Pacino).

Don't miss this hugely anticipated film adaptation of one of Shakespeare's best known plays and your chance to join the stars on the red carpet.

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Sunday, September 19

Visit the Red Cross Open Gardens Programme

ecozen - animals ecology philanthropy

Molene - photo by Zen

The British Red Cross Open Gardens programme, established over 70 years ago, offers a rare opportunity to explore the secrets of hidden and private gardens not usually open to the public.

The programme has a most impressive list of beautiful gardens of all shapes and sizes throughout the UK. From hills and vales to inner cities, you can find some rare gems in the most unexpected places.

Open your garden
Would you like to open your garden?

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London Open House 2004

artzen - art culture info expo

London Open House 2004

Saturday, 18 to Sunday, 19 September 2004 Open House Weekend 2004 The annual highlight of London Open House

Have you ever wondered about the hidden interiors of the buildings you pass every day? Every September the annual Open House London event takes place and this year the dates are 18th + 19th September. Over 500 buildings are opening their doors to everyone and turning the capital into a living architectural exhibition. And it's absolutely free!

Free online search facility To find out about individual buildings by name, architect, area, etc., use the Buildings Search page.

The RSA will be open on Sunday 19th September, opening times 10 to 5pm (last entry 4.30pm).

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A special Prince's Trust event in The City:

Bridging the Gap
ecozen - animals ecology philanthropy


While The City is home to some of the richest concentrations of businesses in the world, its fringes include some of the most underprivileged boroughs in England.

On Tuesday 19th October at St Paul's Cathedral, The Prince's Trust is holding a special City event that will address this polarisation. Sponsored by Coutts and Co, Bridging the Gap will bring together CEO's and board level Executives of major Blue Chip corporations, key industry leaders and public sector organisations.

Sir David Garrard, Chairman of Minerva Plc and Sponsor of the renowned Business Academy in Bexley, has kindly agreed to address the audience as key speaker on the fundamental wealth/deprivation divide, and will be exploring ways in which City stakeholders can help Bridge The Gap in conjunction with The Prince's Trust.

The evening will begin with an exclusive champagne reception surrounding Nelson's Tomb, and will be followed by a private recital, tour of the cathedral and superb three course dinner.

Booking your place

Tickets for Bridging the Gap are £300 per head. All proceeds will go directly to The Prince's Trust. Through your support we hope to raise a sum that will help us make a significant impact to the skills and employment prospects of disadvantaged young people across London.

To secure your ticket: download the booking form. Print, complete and send it to the address provided no later than October 6th or call Naomi Edler on 020 7382 5137

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Sunday, September 12

Marc Canter Micro-content dinner in London - Sept. 13th

Not to be missed

bloggzen - total immersion blogging
technology innovation

"So after some research into Fish & Chips places - we've chosen the Sea Shell on Lisson Grove as the lcoation of our micro-content dinner in London. It's in Marylebone. Map.

There's a private room downstairs - which will hold 40 people.

The topics under discussion will include:





and other potential efforts around new kinds of micro-content. I've been working
hard to help promulgate these new standards and would appreciate some help!"

Sign-up on Wiki.

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Tate Britain - Write Your Own Label

See below the painting I chose to write a label for, they are actually my relatives.

artzen - art culture info expo

Would you like to see your ideas about art on the walls of Tate Britain? We're asking visitors to write about any work of art on display at Tate Britain which especially interests them. We'll pick about thirty of the most interesting comments and use them as captions in the gallery.

They will be on view at Tate Britain from 20 September 2004, the start of British Art Week.

Write Your Own Label

The Cholmondeley Ladies circa 1600-10

The Cholmondeley Ladies circa 1600-10 painting Presented anonymously 1955

According to the inscription (bottom left), this painting shows 'Two Ladies of the Cholmondeley Family, Who were born the same day, Married the same day, And brought to Bed [gave birth] the same day'. To mark this dynastic event, they are formally presented in bed, their babies wrapped in scarlet fabric. Identical at a superficial glance, the lace, jewellery and eye colours of the ladies and infants are in fact carefully differentiated. The format echoes tomb sculpture of the period. The ladies, whose precise identities are unclear, were probably painted by an artist based in Chester, near the Cholmondeley estates.
(From the display caption February 2004)

Note > I am also searching for several valuable family portraits which have dissapeared (they are mine, it's a long story), possibly sold by a dealer to an unsuspecting person or put up for auction with a false provenance. If you have any info I can send photos and a more detailed description. If this leads to anything I shall give you a reward.

One of them is of this chap, although not this actual picture.

Montague Cholmeley
Montague Cholmeley (1743-1852)

Also Katharine Cholmeley, full length in a red and blue dress by Lely or Kneller.

A lady with a white feather head ornament.

A lady with a lace collar.

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This is a splendid idea

francaiszen - la vie


We at dinnerpoint have done something that we think is pretty unique and groundbreaking. We organize and list online 100s of dinner meetups in cities around the world - for 'in the know' people.

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British Library puts Shakespeare online

bookzen - literary reveiws

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Painting Reproduced Courtesy of the Folger Shakespeare Library

Painting Reproduced Courtesy of the Folger Shakespeare Library

The British Library is putting online 93 high-resolution digitised copies of 21 of Shakespeare's plays.via...BBC

British Library - On this site you will find the British Library's 93 copies of the 21 plays by Shakespeare printed in quarto before the theatres were closed in 1642.

Shakespeare Oxford Society - The theory that he was in fact the Earl of Oxford

Project Gutenberg - Download - The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

The Globe Theater

The Royal Shakespeare Company

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Friday, September 10

RSA - Royal Albert Hall Conference

This will be a super event do go if you can.

artzen - art culture info expo

ecozen - animals ecology philanthropy

Image Hosted by

On 11 October 2004 an international conference on the theme of 'human progress' will take place at the Royal Albert Hall.

The RSA has unveiled the programme for its international conference, ‘A Day of Inspiration', which will deal with the significant challenges set out in its new manifesto.

The debate will feature a number of high-profile speakers including RSA Fellows and medallists.

Click here to find out more.

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Sunday, September 5

Jack Vettriano is a BUY

artzen - art culture info expo

I am so pleased that the art world finally appreciates this super artist. It has been embarassing the way in which his work has been scathed at by certain art "experts" over the years. David Ogilvy once said "The consumer isn't stupid she's your wife".

Image Hosted by

The largest collection of works by the artist Jack Vettriano to go under the hammer has fetched almost £2.7 million. Following fierce bidding, the total of 40 paintings fetched £2.653m at auction. The highest bid was for Mad Dogs, one of his early works, which become the second most expensive Vettriano ever sold...more...via the Scotsman

See the catalogue of Sotheby's annual Scottish sale at Gleneagles in Perthshire.

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Wednesday, September 1

2004 Sotheby's Staff Exhibition

artzen - art culture info expo

If you find yourself in Bond Street do go and see this, there are some quite affordable items. Also you can have a snack at the Sotheby's Cafe, it is small and chic and very good, perfect to collapse in after too much shopping.

Image Hosted by

"I am delighted to introduce our 2004 Sotheby's Staff Exhibition and to invite you to spend some time viewing the eclectic compilation of works contributed by Sotheby’s employees.

Given the environment in which they work it is hardly surprising that so many of our staff are inspired to be creative themselves. What continues to amaze me is how the breadth of the Exhibition keeps growing year-on-year. 2004 is no exception, with possibly the most diverse collection that we have so far seen." Robin Woodhead
Chief Executive, Sotheby's Europe and Asia

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Saturday, August 21

Royal Academy Show cancelled - Citizens and Kings: Portraiture in the Age of Goya and David Sept 2005 too costly for them

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Much News Is Bad News at Royal Academy By Alan Riding

London - When a museum gets headlines for anything but a new building or a fine exhibition, the usual reason is bad news. So it is with the Royal Academy of Arts.

This year a widely publicized power struggle between two senior staff members suggested a house at war with itself. Then, late in July, the head of the academy's schools was forced to resign for using a secret bank account.

Now the talk in London's art circles is that the Royal Academy has lost its way.........The academy's next big exhibition, "Turks: A Journey of a Thousand Years, 600-1600 AD," opens in January. But "Citizens and Kings: Portraiture in the Age of Goya and David," scheduled for September 2005, has been canceled
because of its expense. Long-term plans for a newly acquired annex, formerly the Museum of Mankind, are also not settled. Some academicians favor creating an architecture museum. Ms. Fitt says the hour calls for prudence...more>>via

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Tuesday, August 10

RSA needs you to plant a tree

ecozen - animals ecology philanthropy

Image Hosted by

From the 1750s through to the 1820s the RSA encouraged tree planting across the UK. Well over 50 million trees were planted giving rise to many of the woods we enjoy in Britain today.

On the 20th April 2004 the RSA launched a new initiative, working in partnership with the UK's key tree planting organisations, to mark its 250th Anniversary and hopes to plant in excess of 250,000 trees during the next 12 months.

For a donation of £15 the RSA, with its partners, will plant a tree and maintain it until maturity on your behalf.

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Friday, August 6

speedflatmating in London! what next?

Photographer: Ian Britton Taxi, London, England

Now it's speed flatmating By Sam Lyon, Evening Standard You've heard of speed dating. Now welcome to the world of speed flatmating. Anyone who has ever shared a home in the capital will be familiar with the pitfalls of living with a group of complete strangers... The events are being held in different parts of London, so home seekers can meet a string
of people offering rooms in their desired area...

For more info visit

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Monday, July 26

pPod the chic way to spend a penny in London

Les Francais are waiting for le pissPod

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NYKRIS have launched pPod - the world's first >iPod based interactive audio service.

pPod combines text, spoken word audio, and music to deliver a guide to London's public loos - truly a convenience for iPod users on the move.

Go to the pPod page and download the 7mb file.

pPod is on the BBC

I found this - The Toilet Museum

If you spent all you money on an i-pod to have a nice pee, you will soon be able to stay at Stelios' new venture the easy Hotel. It should be opening soon. It is going to be very basic, quel
surprise! But it is in a nice area of London not far from Harrods (I remember thier loos used to be very nice. Back in the sixties Mum took off her emerald ring to wash her hands and forgot it on the wash basin. She telephoned the night watchman, who kindly went to look and miraculously it was still there).

The easy Hotel has kind of modular rooms, with at least, a double bed, shower and LOO from £5 a night...

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Thursday, July 15

Art Galleries, are they scaring away thier victims?

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francaiszen - la vie

Image Hosted by

This is a fascinating article from The Art Newspaper that I found on Forbes.

It dicusses how art can be sold outside the confines of galleries and all that they entail. Are Art Galleries Necessary?

"Contemporary art dealers are finding that art fairs and the Internet can replace the hassle and expense of maintaining a full-time gallery". more>>

I also came accross this spot on piece on Jason Calcanis Art Blog, Gallery Rudeness by Caryn Coleman citing an article by Paige West of Art Addict

"Intimidation is a well-known sales tactic, especially in some of the Blue Chip galleries. If you aren't "in the club" (they don't know you and/or you've never purchased anything at the gallery), many galleries won't offer any assistance, even if you ask"...more>>

Too true, the same can be said of some auction houses, estate agents, restaurants, hairdressers, hotels and chic shops. Manners...?

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Tuesday, July 13

Pokia....makes the Mayfair phone fun

bloggzen - total immersion blogging technology innovation

Image Hosted by This is the new Mayfair model

The retro accessory, now only a series of prototypes made in London by the British designer Nicolas Roope, was inspired by Roope's disdain for trends in cellphones, which seem to have reached a dead end, with metallic and miniature becoming moronic and minuscule...via IHT

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Monday, July 12

This is the ideal London Transport, neat site, check out thier links page

londonzen - park life

Image Hosted by

"We are the designers and makers of the Brompton folding bike. The Brompton is a bike which rides well, is safe, and yet folds easily into a very compact and portable package: other folding bikes have their own character and purpose, but none we feel matches the Brompton's convenience or gives you the same freedom and independence". Brompton Bbicycle

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Saturday, July 10

August evening

bookzen - literary reviews

West-Eastern Divan Orchestra
Daniel Barenboim (conductor/piano)
Barbican Concert Hall, London EC2
Wednesday 4 August 2004, 7.30 p.m.

The London Review of Books is delighted to bring the West-Eastern Divan Orchestra under their conductor Daniel Barenboim to the Barbican on 4 August to celebrate the work of Edward Said, who died in September last year.

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Thursday, July 8

Rank and pile

francaiszen - la vie

London gets new taxi rank signs
BBC photo

la vie du chien, Poo Poo a la francaise
Le dernier cri of chic spots to poop

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Wednesday, July 7

The saga of the parrot and the fourposter bed

ecozen - animals ecology philanthropy
francaiszen - la vie

oil painting by Serena Konig

Several years ago, whilst in Toulouse to collect a fourposter bed. My partner Alastair went to buy me a puppy as a present, the pet shop didn't have any, so he got 2 Canaries instead. On his way out he heard anguished shrieks coming from the back of the shop. There in the gloom was a red and grey African parrot in a tiny cage on the floor. This was the start of our parrot saga. There wasn't room in the van for the bed, the cages and us. So a friend drove and we took the train back to Provence. It was a night train, the parrot shrieked the whole time. We called him Corot, perhaps subconsciously because "the Corot" had caused much trouble over the years. Anyway, Corot was sad and lonely and needed better quarters; So Richard and Pierrot our friends who just happened to be master welders were commissioned to make a bird palace fit for Corot.

In the mean time we scoured the pet shops for a companion, near Avignon we found "Richard" another red and grey. He had a very poorly friend huddled up next to him, a black Madagascan...we called him "Pierrot". The aviary was splendid, customisable, demountable. Filled with trees and fallen branches, also a mist system. OK so I couldn't resist buying the tropical rainforest tape! (it was played about once, although I am sure I detected a flicker of appreciation from Corot).

They all got along fine, even the canaries. The fencing was of a smaller guage to stop the canaries escaping. Little by little we saw chewed bits, holes. They were repaired. Richard would sit on a tree and sing away to Pierrot as a diversionary tactic while Corot clipped through the wire.

I had a dream about them escaping, that morning I went downstairs and heard people shouting that the birds had gone! The canaries were still there as was poor Pierrot, but Richard and Corot were gone! We all rushed round the garden (the aviary was on the terrace outside the dining room) we caught sight of something red in one of the little pine trees. It was Richard, he didn't want to come down. Alastair finally managed to reach him, Richard grabbed the palm of his hand in his pincer beak, it hurt. So he was safe and sound and back with Pierrot. I am really glad that Corot flew to freedom and wish the others had gone too. A neighbor came to tell us she had seen a red and green parrot in her garden, was it ours. We saw parrots in Avignon, in the trees behind Credit Agricole.

When winter came the cage was dismantled and put up in the living room. This was fine for all, the 4 dogs never bothered the birds, the mice lived on the floor of the cage and ate seeds. One morning Pierrot was dead on the floor. He usually perched on an old wooden ladder. We took him to the vet, who said that we should be able to find out quite easily how he died. He took a big pair of scissors and literally cut him in half! I am very fond of the vet he is the dearest of friends, but he obviously didn't think that we might be feeling a bit sad or upset by poor Pierrots' demise, he was still warmish. He had always picked at his feathers and looked very ragged, his beak was white which made him seem somewhat anaemic too. So there he was, neatly sliced, mirrored, Pat said immediately that it was kidney failure. Well.

Richard was lonely. We could see all this happening again. When Corot arrived we had thought of flying to Africa and setting him free. One day Pat took us to see a client who kept all kinds of birds, including African Greys, so Richard was introduced into the bird place. I heard some time later that he had mated, had children and was happy. Isn't that super. So when I hear of all these news stories about Parrot infestations in England, on Telegraph Hill in San Francisco as Marc Canter wrote about and elsewhere, I am pleased they are free. Maybe one of them is someone's Corot.

P.S. The fourposter was too tall for the bedroom ceiling and so languished in the garage until flooded...which is another story.

Image Hosted by

I know that by rescuing Corot from the pet shop prison others were ordered to replace him. We must stop this pet trade and the breeding of animals for pets.

World Parrot Trust
EXCELLENCE IN PARROT CONSERVATION AND WELFARE The WPT is campaigning to stop importation of wild caught birds into the European Union. Sign the petition

Please red this about the plight of Parrots.The African Grey Parrot, Psittacus erithacus, has a wide distribution, across the tropical belt of Africa, including the islands of Bioko and Príncipe in the Gulf of Guinea. This species is harvested intensively for the pet trade. More>>

Free News and views v.good site, you can join, help.

Harvard biologist Mike Schindlinger introduces you to the parrots he studies, as individuals, as they move through their daily lives - singing, cavorting and playing as they explore their environment; doing chores, like eating, roosting, and caring for young - with an intelligence not dissimilar, in ways, to our own. More>>

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